Andrzej Urbanski is a contemporary painter who functions within his own harmony of rules and marked parameters. His distilled geometric language is a working practice that is clearly attuned to both fluid movement and stable formal resolution. It takes great effort for a painted surface to ebb and flow effortlessly. The artworks of Urbanski undulate with this ease – a complex saturation of ‘frequencies’ that denote painstaking awareness of colour and forms and equally one feels a calming resolved balance. This rhyme of shapes converges to expresses a state of perfection for the artist. Some even evoke the sensation of three-dimensionality despite being flat planes of colour, and this serves to allow us the viewers to project the experience from beyond the canvas and into our own personal space. Urbanski is a rare breed of artist – one who authentically manages to playfully negotiate perfect applications and concrete designs with a focused ability that denotes fresh and pertinent abstract experimentation.

-Emma Van Der Merwe, Head Curator EverardRead / Circa,